About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Lackesha, here to support you

Quick Facts about me–

Where are you from? Jamaica

Born and raised? Yes

Hobbies? I LOVE a lot of things 🙂

Singing, dancing and playing with my house full of cuzzos, movies of course, long quiet walks (away from cuzzos :-)), hanging out with friends, surfing the net for ways to improve or new ways of doing something I am already doing

Volunteer work? Yes, I am a full time volunteer Bible Teacher in the Jamaican Sign Language field as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses

How did you get into website development and security? Good question, here is the thing… it was definitely not planned. I had a learn on the job opportunity with a great friend back in 2013-2014 where I got introduced to the world of coding. I loved solving problems and dealing with tech issues.

After that opportunity ended I worked at a library for a while looking for some stability but ended up deepening my desire to work for myself, a more flexible schedule and more time in my volunteer ministry.

I slowly transitioned to websites after a dear friend needed a website for her business and I decided to teach myself how to make her one (it excited me and yes, I love her too and just wanted her to not worry about it anymore). So I started with YouTube videos and then got some online training to sharpen my skills. 

Most of my knowledge came from being in a permanent space where I got a lot of sites to work on from scratch but also to maintain. 

Why a focus on holistic coaches and consultants?

I work extensively for a health coach who I adore for her warmth and skill. She taught me everything I know now about business, marketing and strategy in the holistic space and essential tools for coaches. I have been working on her website, landing pages, sales pages and web security since 2018. Thus the HEALTH + WEBSITE connection.

Core Values-


Mission? Helping  health coaches and consultants find more affordable solutions to get started and maintain their presence online.

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